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We are pleased to be able to offer a range of custom framing machinery in New Zealand.  Our range includes frame joining machinery, frame cutting machinery, matt cutting machines, glass and board cutting machines and mounting equipment.  Our machine brands will be well known to our custom framing customers and include Italian brands such as Alfamacchine, Valiani and Brevetti , as well as Morso from Denmark together with Fletcher. Testing.


Alfamacchine, based in Italy, develop and supply the highest quality and latest technological advancements to the framing industry.Alfamacchine are undoubtedly the world market leader, having sold almost 60,000 systems worldwide including frame assembly machines, saws and automation. As a member of ITW, a world wide group consisting of more than 825 businesses in 52 countries and employing some 60,000 people, Alfamacchine’s strength and stability in the world market continues to grow. Avon is proud to be the exclusive New Zealand distributor of Alfamacchine, through our association with Antons Australia.

U200 Frame Joiner (Formerly Alfa 2M) - click here to see demo video

U300 Frame Joiner (Formerly Minigraf 3) - click here to see demo video

U400S Frame Joiner (Formerly Minigraf 44) - click here to see demo video

U600 Frame Joiner (Formerly MP Multi-Channel) click here to see demo video


Fletcher’s position as an industry-leading supplier of innovative, well designed and manufactured specialty cutting products has been earned over its remarkable 142 year history. With over 90 patents, including the very first hand cutter back in 1868, their ingenuity and history has become their trademark. Maintaining their business philosophy of supplying cutting solutions to customers from over 60 countries world wide, Fletcher’s role as a premium global equipment manufacturer is guaranteed.

Fletcher F2200 Fletcher 48” & 60” Matt Cutter - Click here to watch video

Fletcher F-3100 Wall Cutter - Click here to watch video

Fletcher Substrate Cutter (FSC 65”-160cm) - Click here to watch video

Brevetti Motta

Brevetti Motta is one of the pioneers in the production and trade of special machines for cutting mouldings and joining picture frame mouldings. Since 1968, Brevetti Motta has successfully manufactured production mitre saws and was the first in the world to make a machine specifically for joining frames.  In 1976, Brevetti Motta was the first company to manufacture a double mitre saw.


The first mitring machine was made on the island of Morso, Denmark in 1911.  From the initial design, the mitring machine became a revolution for the picture framing industry. Having produced more than 72,000 mitring machines, Morso are known all over the world as the company that has been making picture framing easier for almost a century. With near on 100 years of manufacturing experience and refinement, Morso are able to offer the industry a complete range of guillotines, manual and pneumatic, to suit all framers.  In 2005 Morso were recognised by the Art Business Today, Honours Award, as the company who made the biggest impact in the last one hundred years on the Art & Framing industry. Avon is proud to be the exclusive New Zealand distributor of Morso, through our association with Antons Australia.


Founded in 1974, the Valiani family proudly continue to develop mat cutting machinery and software products in Italy to the high standards that we have become accustom to from such Italian based companies. Valiani is recognised world-wide as the innovative leader in the development and manufacturing of pneumatic and computerised mat cutters (CMC’s), with distribution in over 60 countries. In 2008, in recognition of their achievements’, the FATG awarded Valiani with the prestigious Innovation Award for Valiani’s latest innovation, the Interchangeable Cutting Head System. Avon is proud to be the exclusive New Zealand distributor of Valiani, through our association with  Antons Australia.