We are very proud to offer our customers two high quality matboard ranges – Peterboro and Crescent. Both Peterboro and Crescent are members of the Fine Art Trade Guild and are licensed manufacturers. Both ranges are continually evolving and offer a comprehensive collection of matboards with the latest colours, textures and designs. Both ranges utilise high quality materials including surface papers, cores and conservation properties to provide the varying levels of protection that each artwork requires.

Peterboro Peterboro brought to you by Avon

Peterboro is based in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada and have been operating since 1906.  The Peterboro range includes the Museum matboards, Museum Core, Conservation, Vantage Whitecore, Designer Collection,  (including Designer Suede), Blackcore and the Hampton range. Each  has its own special qualities.

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Crescent brought to you by Avon

Crescent is headquartered in Wheeling, Ilinois, USA and is a private family owned company founded over 100 years ago. A world leader in the manufacturing and marketing of paper and board products for the custom framing and art materials markets. Focused on colour, innovation and design, Crescent conducts business in over 20 countries around the world. The Crescent range include Rag Mat, 100% cotton, Crescent Select, International Whitecore and Blackcore.

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Crescent Whitest White - Click here for more information

Crescent Education Series - Overview - Click here to watch video

Crescent Education Series - Matboard Basics Click here to watch video

Crescent Education Series - Designing with Matboard - Click here to watch video

Crescent Education Series - Customer Connection = Conver$$ion - Click here to watch video


Current specifiers can be requested from us or downloaded from the respective websites of our suppliers.


Many custom framers use foamboard as a backing board. Avon has the complete solution for customers and can offer a conservation quality board through to an everyday framing foamboard. We have three different ranges of foamboard depending on your requirements. We stock standard size of 32x40, 40x60 and in some ranges we have 48x96. We can also supply formakote and cardboard for backing purposes.

EncoreCrescent brought to you by Avon

Encore (made by Ehlmers) has been designed for projects that demand a premium finish and outstanding performance. Encore is available in 100% cotton rag conservation quality, Premium White and Premium Self Adhesive.

NucoreCrescent brought to you by Avon

Nucore is a high quality foamboard that contains some of the properties of Encore and is available in white, black and adhesive.This range features a clay coated finish for smooth mounting, and an ultra dense core. The adhesive range has a laminated backing paper that strengthens the boards rigidity and serves as a moisture barrier at the back of the frame.


Trucore is the perfect choice for high volume everyday framing.  Trucore can be used in dry or cold mounting , is rigid, easy to cut and die-cuttable and bendable by scoring. This is available in adhesive and non- adhesive options.  The non-adhesive board is acid-free and clay coated.

FormakoteCrescent brought to you by Avon

For those of you that love working with Formakote we offer a pasted white formakote.   These are available in two sizes - 32x40 and 40x60 - in 3mm thickness.

Double sided white cardboard

For those that use cardboard as a backing board we have one double sided white board that is 1270mm x 1016mm and is 2mm thick.